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MTC=empty seat
(trivial..i know ;) )
look over there!..an MTC !
by theRo November 12, 2005
4 15
To masterbate to cartoons
from the song S3RL - MTC
by paulydp August 22, 2012
40 3
abbreviation of Montclair, VA, like how LBC is short for Long Beach, CA. A suburban community based around Lake Montclair and a golf course.

Montclair, where there is nothing to do but drink, smoke, and piss off upper class middle-aged white people.
Kid 1: Man, the MTC is so boring.
Kid 2: Wanna chug a 40, smoke a bowl, and egg some cars on Waterway?
Kid 1: Fuck yeah!
by effinmike April 04, 2010
35 18
MTC = More To Come
MTC appears in the 2008 movie 'Untraceable'
by trashpot July 26, 2008
20 9
Model Type Chiqs
A clique that originated in Stone Mountain ,GA.
Said to be divas and very glamorous.
Also said to African-Americans.

Coined the phrases:
"Divas on Deck"
"Model Maggots"
M.T.C are so hot! They are also some oreos!
by Mizz Barbie March 04, 2007
13 4
Masturbate To Cartoons.
hentai <--- perfect example of MTC
by TheChibiWolf November 23, 2012
8 1
Acronym for "Members of the Travelling Community" / "Members of the Traveller Community". A non-derogatory reference that's less of a mouthful than the "official" title.
MTCs are a traditionally nomadic people of Irish origin living predominantly in Ireland, Great Britain, and the United States. Go MTCs!
by bettyfordclinic October 13, 2009
14 8
moms taking computer
used in place of brb or bbs when a mother seizes the ocmputer from the hands of their child. so the person on the other end knows why the person doesnt come back for a long time.
screenname1: damnit ! mtc
screenname2: ugh, ill call you or something
by Taichadow September 01, 2006
14 16