Short for Massive Throbbing Cock. The kind of penis that is so massive and throbbing that you have to tuck it down your pantleg and into your socks. It could split a lady in two.
Julia, Leslie, Gfrins and Olivia just can't keep their hands off Jennuh's MTC!
by Dickboat August 01, 2006
Short for "Mormon Tabernacle Choir". As in, "You're preaching to the choir."
MTC, baby; the guy is a douche.
by pretzelcuatl June 19, 2010
Mouth to Cock and/or Mouth to Cunt.
A cordial greeting: as in "What's up MTC!"
Phil: Yo, MTC!.
Smess: I got your MTC right here dude!
by JackBenny2008 March 02, 2009
the muffin top crew.

consisting of maryssa, jessica, brittney, and sarah.

the coolest girls ever. =]
We are the MTC girls.
by jessicaleemtc September 07, 2008
moms taking computer
used in place of brb or bbs when a mother seizes the ocmputer from the hands of their child. so the person on the other end knows why the person doesnt come back for a long time.
sn1:oh... um brb
sn2:okay ill wait

40 minutes later

sn2: 40 freaking minuteS?
sn1: my mom took the computer


sn1:oh.. crap! mtc
sn2: alright call me
by Taichadow August 31, 2006
Message The Cell.

Telling someone to message your cell phone.
jamie: mtc the cell when youre coming.
mike: okay.
by xxsirk September 22, 2007
MTC=empty seat
(trivial..i know ;) )
look over there! MTC !
by theRo November 12, 2005

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