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Male Seeking Female online dating
"MSF, huge ugly teeth, glasses and no life. Looking for one night stands or a f*ck buddy even though I'm the ugliest man on the internets."
by Mya Kumar August 06, 2007
An annogram for Make Some Fucking Sense. Used for a time when the person you're talking to is being a dumbass.
Guy: I saw a guy with huge forceps.
Girl: Forceps?
Guy: please MSFS and tell me youre kidding
by ChocolateRain(ing Men) December 27, 2011
The abbreviation MSF stands for "Male seeking female." This useful shorthand is used by online chat-room dwellers at random chat websites such as Omegle often in place of a greeting. By messaging MSF one clearly states to the other chatters they are a male interested in females. A female may also use the similar abbreviation FSM, or "Female seeking Male."
Stranger 1: hey MSF
Stranger 2: No way, FSM!
by Hew Shin Po January 29, 2014
-Mentally sexually frustrated
-wanting sex mentally, but not physically
-usually a virgin who is feigning for sex
boy: so what chu wanna do when we chill?
(girl)anything really, but quite honestly im MSF.
boy: wha dat mean?
(girl) i mentally sexually frustrated
boy:i thought you was a virgin..
(girl) i am. in my mind i want sex badly, but physically i not feelin it as bad..
boy:lets do it! i can help ease your mind ;)

friend1:im sexually frustrated
friend2: im MSF
friend1: huh?
friend2: mentally sexually frustrated. im horny mentally
friend1: oh, im horny physically
*what have our lives come to*
by kitehigh24/7 January 30, 2010
Mean Sober Friend. Someone, in a group of people drinking and having fun, that is unhappy and angry.
When a man is talking to a group of women (can be generalized to other social interactions), sometimes one woman, usually the least attractive of the group, is not getting enough attention. While everyone else is laughing and having fun, she tries to interrupt by saying, "let's go somewhere else," or "I'm tired;" or verbally attacks the male suitor. She is an MSF.
by Jerry406 October 29, 2007
My Space Friend; People you add to your profile that you call friends.
Jenny is Kirsten's newest MSF.
by Jenn W. July 26, 2007
Male Sexual Frusteration...the one week a month a guy get his chance to bitch never ending about shit

Take that women
Steve: Man that pisses me off!!!
Dan: What is wrong with you? it it MSF time?
by 2 Stale Crackers March 08, 2009
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