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Missouri Scholars Academy. A three week social and educational session at Mizzou for 330 juniors every July. Commonly noted as "the best three weeks of your life." MSA Alumni signal each other with the call and response of "BOOMBA!" and "HEY!"

Many people who can't get in to MSA call it summer school or nerd camp, but they don't know what they're missing.
Man, MSA was so much better than the real life. Go nerd camp!
by Josh/Tex July 13, 2006
Modern Standard Arabic; the dialect of Arabic used in almost all writing and in formal spoken contexts
The regional dialects are different from MSA.
by Carmen September 14, 2005
manatee school for the arts, probably one of the lamest schools in florida. mainly a bunch of stuck up wannabes & dickheads.
teacher: did u c her dance?
student: yea she looked like a dying hippo, is she from msa?
teacher: ....
by idk543 February 05, 2011
My sides are splitting
Pronounced "Ma-zaz"

Guy 1: 'tells joke'
Guy 2: haha thats so funny msas!
by msaserrrrrrrrr March 29, 2011
Maryland School Assesment for grades 3-8

For Reading and Math
I took the Math MSA today and im gonna take the Reading MSA tomorrow
by MSA333 March 25, 2009
Most Stupid Answer.
Commonly said to reproach the use of a typical statement.
A: Haha, we won. Take that!

B: Noob team

A: /msa on
A: Yeah, noob team -.-'
A: /msa off
by -SaLeM- December 30, 2010
Metropolitan Statistical Area

In the USA this refers to an urban cluster (continuously built up area,) or clusters of 50K people of more each, the county it (or they) sit in, as well as the counties (or townships in New England) where significant numbers of people commute to and from that county. It includes urban (high density,) suburban (lower density,) and exurban (rural nonfarm) areas, as well as farmland.
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

Definition: Geographical divisions, determined by the United States Office of Management and Budget, for the purposes of census data and other urban population calculations. The divisions are primarily based on urban areas, and tend to follow town or county borders. The MSAs can also be broken down into smaller “Metropolitan Divisions.” Previously called Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA).
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 14, 2010
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