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The mix between a mule and an ox. Known for there great strenght. Very ugle to look at. Not a very smart animal. Usually female Mox's are blind so they dont have to see the horrible look of the male Mox.
That Matt, he is as strong as a Mox.
by Paradropperbob January 12, 2009
an abbrievation of 2 words, 'moist box' to describe hot chicks without them knowing that they are being referred to.
"hey dude, check the mox in the corner" "there's a lot of mox around tonight"
by oLivaz August 30, 2006
sing. n. A young homosexual male
(pl. = moxen)
Kylie is adored by the moxen horde
by lingurgitator December 17, 2004
Pronounciation: mocks
Plural: mox

1. A child, children.
2. Someone younger than the person speaking.
3. Someone acting like a child.
1. The mox are playing baseball at the park.
2. They fired him and gave his job to a mox.
3. Stop acting like a mox.
by Lyulin March 09, 2006
1. V.
An act in which one dips their arm in kerosene, lights it on fire, and then proceeds to use said flaming arm to fist fuck someone in the ass. This is by far the most awesome form on suicide, as well as the most humiliating form on execution. Ever.
Were someone to Mox the frontman of Nickelback, they would forever go down in history as the most awesome person to ever live of all time ever.
by StrictlyRude April 28, 2009
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