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when a girl shaves down there and keeps it shaved.
she keeps her lawn mowed
by Jbob April 27, 2003
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Three words that, when put together, become a statement that is feared by many teens and kids.
Dad: Greg! Go mow the lawn!

Greg: Dad!! Im........ uummmmm............. using the bathroom!
by Drew0683 June 20, 2011
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to shave off pubic hair or to trim to the desired length
I feel a lot better now that I mowed the lawn!

Did you mow the lawn earlier?
by pubeless wonder October 26, 2010
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mow the lawn refers to the act of sexually stimulating a woman's birth cannon
"dude! did you mow the lawn last night?"
"of course I did, she was so hot"
by Mandrewline May 06, 2013
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when a man or woman hasn't shaved their pubes in a long time, and they grow a bush, and they shave the bush off.
"Damn girl, you're smooth!" "Yeah I know! I hadn't shaved in a while so I decided to mow the lawn."
by coochieman69 May 01, 2010
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Hitting on your friend's girlfriend, or having sexual relations with with a friend's girlfriend
Hey bro' sorry I hit on your girlfriend. I didn't mean to "mow the lawn", or "mow your lawn". Ican't belive my buddy "mowed my lawn" last Saturday night!
by Paul Schultz March 21, 2006
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When you or another person involved smokes all of the pot on your persons, or in your possessions.
"Yo nigga! Let's blaze us a fatty on lunch break!"
"I can't, J-Rod decided to mow the lawn last night!"
by DirtyXVegas December 11, 2008
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