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n An animal, generally of the feline persuasion.
n Awww, look at that cute little mow mow.
by EllsonRose January 23, 2009
When the male penis erects to such a length that it peeks out of the neck and or arm hole of a t-shirt, sweater or other article of clothing. Usually occurring during speaking to a female the penis proceeds to say "Mow Mow" and poke the female on any part of her body.
Sasha-So heather want to go see a movie with me some.... Mow Mow.
Heather-Umm no thanks.
by ECBerstrap January 18, 2011
a cat meowing. also know as a snowcap.
an examlpe of mow mow is chinese children.

"oh those children are such mow mows ?!"
by chiiiiiiiiingo October 22, 2008
v The manifesting of love, generally used in relation to Dangers and Kimbers.
v Where are Danger and Kimber? Over there, mow-mowing in the corner as usual.
by EllsonRose January 23, 2009
A term of sexual contact, without actually involving intercourse. This includes kissing, snogging, dry humping, or even just mention of such things. Rhymes with chow, not low.
Look at them mow-mowing! Mow Mow!
by adexter27 April 15, 2008
can be used in replacement of "weed"
"dude lets get some mow mow!"
by bo1 January 04, 2010
when brent pruitt woop yo ass wit da left and right
man bitch dont make me mowmow you at da princess royale yo
by Trey Davis March 16, 2005
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