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An alternative name for a blowjob, or to suck someone off.

This word came about as, when performing oral sex, you neither "blow", or "suck".

It's just a bit of a mouthwank really.
Girl: I enjoyed the movie, and I'm not tired at all!
Boy: Well baby, I'm up for a mouthwank.
Girl: Yaaaaay!

Boy next day....
Boy: So I was wiv my bitch Chardonnay, and she totally mouthwanked me!
Friends: Dat is well gud
by BByank January 06, 2010
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Mouth wank, when put your penis in a barely conscious woman's mouth and slop it about in a wanking action using no hands and no help from the lady in question until the point of ejaculation after which point the cock is wiped clean in her hair.
I got a great mouth wank off your mom last night Nigel.
Sloppy, mouth wank, cock, frosty jacks, blow job
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To get a wank from another person using their mouth.
I can't be bothered fuckin you love, just give us a mouth wank
by jaymcsweeney February 22, 2007
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