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the feeling you get in your mouth after spitting out a big load of listerine. (after gargling of course)
person 1: dude, i just totally multi- mouthgasmed after i mouth washed!
person 2: woahhh. that's titties.
by fratt & nick October 22, 2005
2 23
to experiance an orgasmic-like reaction to the tasting of food!
(laura eats charles's curry) "woah charles! like total mouthgasm!"
by Charles Sterling April 07, 2006
224 79
When one eats something that causes sensation in one's mouth unlike any other, rising to a height of orgasm in the mouth.
When the syrupy eggs touched my mouth, I couldn't believe the sensation I was experiencing. The mouthgasm was inevitable.
by DPC MARRY ME January 24, 2009
85 26
when food is so good it feels like your having an orgasm in your mouth.
Ashley: Omg, did you taste the chicken patty at lunch today?
Tina: Yes, it was soo good i was having a mouthgasm.
by Terry from Reno 911! October 02, 2007
62 13
When something tastes extremely unbeliveably good.
That grilled cheese was so good it was like a mouth gasm.
by uno531 July 10, 2008
24 9
An orgasm-like experience resulting from eating wonderful food.
"Dude, that steak just gave me a total mouthgasm."
by im.a.ninjahhhhhhhhhh October 20, 2009
26 12
The physical and emotional sensation experienced during peak flavor sensation, usually resulting from stimulation by eating something wonderful, and usually accompanied by a moan of pleasure.
"I took a bite of that desert and it gave me a mouthgasm."

"Oh man, that mouthgasm was so intense I may have to go rub one out!"
by Choch Pants January 01, 2009
21 8
When a person eats or drinks somthing that is so good that they have an orgasm in their mouth.
Dave: Holy Shit
Richard: What?
Dave: Im Pretty sure that this grapefruit just gave me an Mouthgasm
Richard: Dude thats kinky
Dave: Yeah i just lost my virginity to that grapefruit
Richard: You bitch!!!
by Jimmynbfc&d December 15, 2008
7 4