the act of having a mouth orgasm when eating something really good
dude this Chinese food is giving me a mouthgasm
by tang wha April 16, 2011
The process in which a food is so delicious you orgasm. Can also mean you want to have sex with your food because of its deliciousness
Oh my god, this penne vodka is so tasty. I think I just mouthgasmed
by jvjnekjgjhehv May 01, 2011
Intense positive negative positive sensation in the oral region resulting from the consumption of Cannibus followed by oral stimulation induced by any kind of food.
Whoa man I'm high... hey can i have an orange... man this orange is so good... I'm having a serious mouthgasm!
by SallyOMally October 04, 2004
Eating something so good it gives you an orgasm, in your mouth or in your pants.
Macdonalds cookies are so good, they give me a mouthgasm every time i eat them
by George November 27, 2004
the feeling you get in your mouth after spitting out a big load of listerine. (after gargling of course)
person 1: dude, i just totally multi- mouthgasmed after i mouth washed!
person 2: woahhh. that's titties.
by fratt & nick October 22, 2005
What happens when you taste something so gosh-darn frick-frackling mumbastically fucking delicious that you feel like your mouth just orgasmed.
I don't care if it made me fat, that double dunked dark chocolate mudslide shake gave me a fucking mouthgasm.
by Kevalf Wivern July 21, 2016
1. The effect and epitome of the extreme pleasure possible when tasting a certain food.

2. An oral orgasm of the taste buds and olfactory receptors as a result of the flavor and aroma of a food eaten.

3. The ultimate taste experience.
I tasted my homegrown, organic tomatillo salsa verde before canning it, and it was so amazing that I had a mouthgasm!
by Elocutrix December 11, 2015
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