When a person eats or drinks somthing that is so good that they have an orgasm in their mouth.
Dave: Holy Shit
Richard: What?
Dave: Im Pretty sure that this grapefruit just gave me an Mouthgasm
Richard: Dude thats kinky
Dave: Yeah i just lost my virginity to that grapefruit
Richard: You bitch!!!
by Jimmynbfc&d December 15, 2008
When something you eat is so good that your mouth basically has an orgasm. An orgasm of the mouth.
I had the best sushi in the world. It was such a mouthgasm!
by Aimee7979 March 01, 2011
what happens when you eat food that is so good, it is like having sex in your mouth
K- OMG! Thanksgiving Mouthgasm!
J- ...Mouthgasm?
K- It's like having sex in my mouth! XD
by Shearer Nonbeliever November 30, 2011
When a food is so utterly fantastic that your knees buckle and your bottom lip quivers from delight. May lead to other "gasms" if you aren't careful.
Damn, that bone marrow was so good. MOUTHGASM!!!
by Kitchen Bitch December 08, 2013
It is when you eat a really good food that makes your mouth water.
Mmmm! That cake was soooo good, I just had a mouthgasm.
by iRockYourSoxOff4Life June 17, 2010
An noun that describes food that is so good that it feels like your having an orgasm in your mouth.
OMG i can't believe hey don't have In N Out in Las Vegas, those guys are missing out on some serious MouthGasms
by vLalman September 15, 2009
When eating something so delicious you get an orgasm in your mouth.
I had the munchies the other day and ate Manhattan sub & a fudge cake on the side .My mouth started to salivating from excitement & pleasure. After that I realized I just had a couple Mouthgasms in a row.
by Steely211 August 19, 2009

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