also referred to as smearing. gathering up a finger or two full of that nasty greeze that forms between the upper inner thigh and scrotum, after a day or two (or more) of not showering, and then wiping or rubbing the finger(s) across the victim's upper lip area, directly under their nose, so as to cause them to have to smell the foul substance.
I gave that dirty bitch a moustache she'll not soon forget.
by wizzy July 25, 2006
Top Definition
(n.) Facial hair between the upper lip and nose, may link to sideburns but not the chin or else it becomes a beard.

(n.) Whereas a beard is a female used to cover a males homosexuality, a moustache is a slight interest shown, eg casual looking along with other males, usually at just one woman.
Hitler had a moustache

Was Eva Braun a moustache? Probably not. The only gay person hitler ever liked he had killed (Ernst Rohm), see night of long knives
by Gumba Gumba June 01, 2004
The growing and manicuring of hair on one's upper lip, usually by an adult male. Also referred to as a crumb catcher, thigh tickler, nose neighbour or the womb broom.
Are you growing a moustache for Movember?

Fuckin rights I am!
by TMMS November 02, 2010
Hair above the upper lip. And some thing all cool Buffalos have.
WOAH! look at the killer moustache
by buffaloshavemoustaches June 18, 2010

pronounced: mous-tache

a female mustache
Look at the moustache on Jessica.
by Andreides November 23, 2010
the equivalent of a beard, except for asexuals
"It's so obvious that he's asexual, that she's clearly just his moustache"
by sarcastasticnostalgia August 22, 2011
something black and hairy above ur lips
Sushil's got a thick moustache ndeed!!!
by sushil elias February 09, 2005
Facial hair between the upper lip and nose usually alvaros have it
Hey alvaro used to have a moustache because
we forced him to shave it off
by asder March 09, 2009

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