A woman's genitals. Exchanged for the slang pussy.
She's got a sweet little mouse on her.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
a plug of absorbent material with attached retrieval string used to contain menstrual flow, thus called for likeness to a mouse ie. short fat body; long, long tail. Pl. Mice
oh, heck! I'm on the rag and I've run out of mice. Can you lend me a mouse?
by sodaphine March 16, 2006
1)A type of animal.

2)A device on a computer used to move the cursor.

1)Today we went to the pet shop and got a pet mouse. I named him Mickey.

2)Oh no, my mouse is broken! Now my cursor can't move and I can't click anything on the computer!

3)We got to see a mouse is sex ed.
by Newbia June 23, 2004
Mouse: a small-boned hardcore kid, who spends his time being nice to people's computers and seducing thse that are sleeping.
geez, did you see the horrid carnage mouse did to the singer of Walk a Mile's computer? that thing went to hell in a basket...
by XbloodXandXcookiesX April 17, 2004
Another word for "vagina", coined by Beavis and Butthead while watching a music video.
"Her mouse is crooked" - Beavis
by Jeebus October 19, 2003
A little rodent that runs around and craps everywhere. Chased by cats. Like rats, only smaller, and not as ugly.
Callie chased the mouse so she could feed it to her cat. The rest of thee clique watched in boredom
by theeclique September 14, 2003
The perfect companion for an Ilsa. Also known as a Richard or a Rhaha.
Lonely sad girl: Aw, I wish I had a mouse.
Lindsay: I have one! He's cute and horny all the time. ^^
Little girl: My mommy says she hates mice, we have them in our house.
by Lindsay Rose December 13, 2007

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