they were really invented by xerox
screw all y'all
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
A girl living in Texas, who has way too much energy for her own good, and slightly resembles a small mouse.
Hey, do you know where Mouse went?
by Miss ML August 27, 2008
an act of female masturbation
i had a real good mouse last night
by big jon cannon January 19, 2005
when you are being suspect, dirty, MIA, or just anything
Dude stop being such a mouse.
That little mouse just hit the road.
by skip March 22, 2004
nickname for small block chevy
by lambe October 24, 2003
Nickname for a queer boy
Mouse is such a gay
by alex February 10, 2004
women with huge tits
by Anonymous May 22, 2003

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