A sneaky little bastard that can only be seen out the the corner of your eye as it jumps into your food cabinet. Upon inspection, it is no ware to be found until you open your Costco size industrial box of Lucky Charms, and there he is. Pissing and shitting into your priceless box of little rainbow gems. Pissing you off so much that you willingly camp out in your kitchen with a 12-gauge, just waiting for that little mother fucker to come out. Of course he doesn't come out until after you have got up and put your gun away, you walk back into the kitchen and there he is, shitting on your floor while he laughs at you. He will always be watching you. Laughing. Judging.
Hmmm, I feel like a wonderful box of delicious Lucky Charms. *Opens cabinet and looks into box* A FUCKING MOUSE!! *Throws box on ground a stomps on it, picks it up and looks in it* WHERE DID IT GO!?!?!? Looking over on the table, there he is. Watching you. Laughing at you.
by mountain doobies August 06, 2007
Another word for the female vagina
I need to shave my mouse, it's getting hairy.
by gbvhneoghboebhno May 18, 2007
1. (Or 'mouse') Acronym for
Missing (an) Important Canon Event, and is used when describing fanfiction.

It means that the story may use the entire canon universe from the original show/movie/etc, but one crucial event has been left out for plot reasons. Y'know, like undoing the canon death of your main character, and all that.

2. to mice/mouse something: To leave out a crucial fact for one's own purposes/advantages

Example one: "MICE fanfiction of Harry Potter: In this fanfiction, Harry's parents are never killed by You-Know-Who"

Example two: "Geepers, my mother-in-law just moused out the fact that her daughter and I ever got married - treated me like a total stranger."
by walkingparody April 15, 2007
A word for an amazing person, smart, funny, sexy, if not a little naive.
Look at her, what a mouse!!
by tez700 August 03, 2005
A typo of the word "nice" originating from comments about a mix from a DJ Hero vid on YouTube that somehow has gotten past the radar of finicky duh-weebs.

"Hella mice."

"This iz mice as hell."

"This song is the micest of all the mixes I've heard so far!"

"DJ Hero is fukin' mice!!!!!!!"

"Mice ass"

"Weezer vs. Evidence?! MICE."

"WTF does mice mean?"
by OutrageousThinking November 04, 2009
Adj.- An act of being clever and sneaky.
After observing my friend pickpocketing an unsuspecting victim, I said to him, "Dude, you are so mouse!"
by The Revealer of things August 12, 2011
word used to desribe a senior boy who mouses out who hits on a freshman girl since he is unable to get anyone in his own grade
high school --> senior mousing on freshman
senior is a mouse to freshman girl
by Lebron James/Nikki Minaj February 23, 2011

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