When your lazy friend/roommate stays on the couch and plays Halo so much, he becomes one with the couch.
Rob and Mike were on the couch when I left for work at 5AM, and when I returned at 5PM. Those 2 mo's are turning into a couple of huge mouches.
by Two tone cock December 30, 2007
Top Definition
When a man sits/lays on a couch so long, he in turn becomes one with the couch.
Mike and Rob played halo from 5AM when I left for work till 5PM when I returned. Those two mouches need help.
by Two tone cock January 01, 2008
Noun: Mattress Couch

Adj: Use your imagination!
You greasy little mouch.
by Mouchy June 17, 2010
a mouse you use on the couch for a media pc or couch gaming.
i finally found my mouch stuck between the cushions.
by edo9 July 28, 2010
When you dress a woman in colliflowers, then you play the rusty trumpet.
Eddie mouched a hooker from vegas.
by Jeff Overbo February 15, 2008

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