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A complete fucking idiot that thinks they are the shit.
"Man, Kenny is such a mandouche. He should just shut the fuck up."
by July 13, 2008
man-douche. ( moosh )To clense the hot sweety sticky feeling (some times caused by hot summer days) in the crack or taint . Known too increase after a bowl movement where inproper wipeing and or clensing was done.....
Dude I feel very unfresh, I need to go moosh. (man-douche)
by doc h October 24, 2007
A pretty boy pussy or overly tidy, clean cut scared man. It refers to a clean vagina after using a douche.
1. Mr. Mandouche is going to whimp out again.
2. Stop acting like a mandoushe and do it.
by undergroundking September 09, 2008
A swab cotton material like object that is used to clean the mans penis inside... and out.

To order mandouche call-1-925 818 0761
Friend: Dude that lake we swam in was so dirty.

You: Ya bro im gonna go use a mandouche.
by Kevin, mark and bogdan! October 21, 2009
A cleansing period precipitated by a prolonged exposure to male ideologies and practices.
Betty: "Geez, after spending the weekend with my brother and his idiotic friends I could really use a man douche!"

Veronica: "I hear ya sister! After I broke up with my boyfriend I needed a month-long man douche!"
by WordKrapper September 24, 2010
To ejaculate or "cum" inside a woman's vagina.
I was having sex with Jennifer last night and accidentally Man Douched her.
by Wayne Thompson December 02, 2009
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