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A french word meaning 'fly'
Person 1: 'mahoomalaflooma, mouche matoottoo'
Kelly: 'ouche ma flouche, moooooooooooooooooouche'
by Macondiron November 24, 2009
French for 'fly'. Makes a cool nickname :)
i had a mouche sandwhich
by Chicken Wing July 15, 2006
Mouche, (pronounced moosh.)

A derogatory word for someone who sucks their own feces off of someone else's penis.
Yeah, he's a fucking mouche!
by @daveSaidNEVER February 22, 2011
a man who is such a puss that he acts like a douche. a man-douche
hes so whipped hes a mouche
by nat February 15, 2004
a man's douche product
Your a big Mouche bag!
by Nathan Dell January 27, 2007
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