Brooklyn term used for high grade marijuana, but can be used for other things as well.
Man the sizzler was motts! Damn this bag of bud is motts! Y0 werd son them sneakers is motts!
by Dave March 07, 2003
the word mott has been for a while and is slang for fanny
Your walikin down the road and see a real sexy lady, you say to your mate i'd lick her mott!
by Big Dog July 07, 2004
Cash money, see also flow, from the old skool applesauce commercial "I got the motts." We've been using this since the late 80's in central Florida.
"You want to go to McDonalds."
"Yeah, but I ain't got the motts."
by Jooky Sea Captain June 19, 2004
Someone with constant gambling problems. This person has started gambling since the Third Grade. He tends to look like a freshly shaven ball sack. Because of constant gambling problems, he will do anything for money.(ie: Suck your cock. take it in the ass.)
Wow, i cant believe you just got busted gambling on turtle races....Friggin Mott.

God. your so broke from your gambling problems that your sucking that guys wang for money! get a job NutSack!
I Cant help it!
by Ms.Moore (english teacher) May 21, 2008
A tongue or a language, from Chechen "mott" pronounced "MOHT" or "MWOHT" meaning tongue or language.
That's some strange mott they're speaking. It sounds like some weird dialect of Kurdish!
by pentozali March 10, 2009
An imaginary violent action towards someone used in a threat.
Shut up, or I'll mott your hoople
by Alex April 22, 2004
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