Nickname of famous NCAA gymnast Kristina Baskett
Moss won the All-Around and got a clock trophy.
by Megan April 07, 2006
Top Definition
to relax or chill. the act of chilling.
mark told trevor to moss while he skeeted in his eye.
by sheky May 23, 2006
To jump up and catch a football over a defender.
He jumped up and mossed him to score the touchdown.
by Seye November 20, 2003
chill out, relax
Shit, Johns always under so much stress he needs to moss
by I J March 10, 2011
TO:Chill,Relax,Pause,Hold on,Stop,Remain in position.
yo man moss on that double cheseburger!
by Rick pickering April 03, 2008
often used instead of chill, or chillin mossin.
Katya: wuddup girl
Yasmin: nm, just mossin
Yasmin: -bumps really hard- o my bad
Katya: you wanna go have a bogie?
Yasmin: k lets moss in the gazibo
by Yasmiinn October 29, 2008
to relax, and chill.. and it is also a football players last name ( Randy Moss ) plays for the Pats/ Rats..
yo dont stress it , just mosss
by Manraj Brar March 23, 2008
1, An old drunk that shits their pants and sends money to women

2, A loser thats never achieved a thing in their life

3, Someone with bad breath, no teeth and a drinking problem

4, found past out drunk on a mens room floor with pubes stuck to his face and a condom hanging from his ass
1, i took a wikked moss,, my god it was horrible,, and now i'm broke and my ass hurts

2, i'm just being a moss all my life

3, if i had any clean breath or teeth i wouldnt be such a moss

4, i have got to learn not to drink till a blackout, it's so moss of me to wake up with pubes on my face and condoms hanging from my ass
by Dpcx MrPerfect October 17, 2012
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