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another word for chillin
Dwyane: Wus up?
Shane: Just mossin with frends
by asdfghjkl June 17, 2006
To be chilling, doing nothing, just like moss, the commonly known fungus that just chills out on rocks.

Origin is believed to be Pickering, Ontario, Canada, a city that is part of the Greater Toronto Area.
Aldo: What it do, player?

Brianna: You know, just mossin'.
by Aldo Perri January 28, 2008
to grow organically from a fixed position, with growth stimulated by chronic consumption
After hitting numerous bowls, Max is mossing hard in the LA cafeteria.
by Mossman_99 March 02, 2009
the act of relaxing and being lazy; basically doing nothing
I've been mossin' on the couch for hours
by jesusdictionary87 July 20, 2010
An urban word for chillin' or just doing nothing
Parental figure: " hey what you doing up there?"
Kid: " just Mossin with the boys
by The man with all the knowledge January 27, 2011
Smoking mass quantities of weed, usually with friends, while at the same time not doing anything particularly interesting - or chillin'.
Hope: wuttup brah i got a half ounce of weed from some kid who wanted me to do his homework.

Jordan: lets get to mossin' then beeeyotch!!!
by JSLOBtheCHEF January 16, 2009
To smoke weed,or any other drug.
Yo, we mossin later?

Let's get outta here and go moss!
by TheShit12345 September 21, 2009
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