A little bug that comes along and bites your ass.
Man, that guy completely mosquitoed me.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
An annoying toady that buzzes around on the periphery of the popular
Who the hell invited you into this discussion, you freaking mosquito.
by stevio September 10, 2003
A small, winged insect that sucks blood from humans to feed it's offspring.
I swatted the mosquito off of my arm.
by Phil H. September 08, 2003
The definition of the sex term Mosquito is when a guy takes a straw and sucks up all the period blood from the girl.
"yeah my girl made me mosquito her last night."
by Infomative7thGrader May 18, 2009
the act of throwing a used condom out the window of a speeding vehicle, and having it land on someone's windshield.
"what just hit the window, its white and gooey. Is it a mosquito?!?!"
by At Your Cervix May 28, 2008
When you are eating out a girl that is on her period, so you suck blood.
Man, I gave that bitch a mosquito last night. Tastes like fish.
by Schwartz May 01, 2004
a person who is annoying and disgusting
That kid is such a mosquito!!
by Mary loves Lily October 11, 2005

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