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69ing with the guy sucking a girls period blood out through a straw.
Dude, this chick tried to make me perform the mosquito on her and i got the fuck out of there.
by maria campos February 19, 2009
A unique and fun way of manipulating the male genitalia in order to create a near-perfect representation of a mosquito.

The owner lays on his back with his legs above his head, so that his penis and testicles dangle toward his face. The genitals should take the form of a mosquito (the eyes are the balls and the singer is the shaft).
"Guys, lets all do The Mosquito!"

"I was messing around yesterday and I happened to notice that my junk looks exactly like a mosquito. I call it The Mosquito."
by rof989 December 06, 2009
when a girl proceeds to give a guy head, he slaps her head much like a mosquito, this causes her to bite down on his wang and makes it bleed and then she slurps it up.
down in houston, mat trenchard recieved a mosquito bite.
by sab dad June 19, 2004
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