There's actually no real meaning to the word mosher. It is something that chavs made up to describe anyone ages 25- that doesn't follow the mainstream of being a chav. However, as i know what is classed as a mosher, i shall pretend for a while that it does exist. A generalisation of a mosher is to wear black, baggy clothing, worship satan, slit your own wrists and want to kill all chavs. The majority of this is pure bull though. I myself am what people would call a 'mosher'. However, i am currently wearing BLUE 3/4 trousers and a WHITE T-shirt. The only black im wearing is socks and boxers! Wrist slitting really shouldnt be generalised with a specific kind of people... Many, many people do it when they are depressed... Not just kids who want to be cool, many adults who are struggling, even chavs sometimes... So saying its a scummy emo mosher thing to do is pathetic, stupid and altogether false!
The whole satanist thing is crap too.. Just because i like rock music doesn't mean i believe almight lucifer will rise... I'm not a satanist.. I actually believe in God, which is a very rare thing amongst todays youth. I don't let it effect my life though, i still swear, and often do bad things because it is fun or i just don't care...
Many people who say they are moshers also say that they twat the crap out of any chav who walks by, or they can take on a group of 10 chavs... Can they balls! Granted, chavs are soft compared to most of todays society, but that is exactly why they hang around in extremely large groups of 40+. Chavs will only pick a fight with a person on their own or a group of people that are severely outnumbered by the chavs.
I am a member of a large group of alternative friends which consists of 'moshers', emo kids, goths, skaters and rockers. There are about 38 of us altogether, but usually only about 5-15 out at a time. We don't go around randomly hospitalising chavs, because this is stupid. It is stupid because everyone would be sent down for a gang attack, and also, chavs have friends. If you take down one chav, their friends and their friends friends etc. will come looking for you. It is dangerous to fight chavs, not short term but long term. If a group of chavs (group, no single chavs have the guts to) try to start a fight with me or me and friends, I/we just ignore them, for we have a higher intellect than chavs. If someone tells you they have taken out 5 chavs, they are lying. Or at least, if they are telling the truth, you won't know them for much longer. REAL moshers only fight back when it is vital. People think that moshers are scary and look like they are out for trouble. This is ironic, however, as it is the chavs that are out looking to start fights with any randomer who walks by. Moshers are actually peace keepers.. Well, peace in violence... They are quite loud :P.
My group of friends generally just tries to stay away from chavs.. We do skateboarding, music playing (many of us play instruments), or listen to music rather loud. We only really listen to loud music when in town centres though, not in housing estates, so we don't really interrupt anyones sleep. If you want someone to have fun with and keep out of fights with and just generally be friends with, then you are looking for a mosher. Sometimes scary on the outside, mostly friendly and sweet on the inside.

Mosher: Whatever you say...

Chav: Watch yer focken mouth ya focken mop'ead! I'll get focken Tanton crew on ya if ya give me any more gob, focken goffy boy!

Moshers: ~leave to have fun by themselves, away from the chav~

by PaulTheRocker April 03, 2006
Top Definition
Moshers: feel no need to justify themselves to others,generally loving and friendly but have a tendancy to hate chavs and townies(can ya blame em?), wear the clothes they want 2 wear, not what others percieve as fashion or "cool", like badges alot. listen to a mixture of punk,rock and metal. as they name suggests they mosh to their music and have mosh pits at concerts (dnt get involved unless u r prepared to get injured). in short moshers are the coolest people on earth and i am honord to be friends with them.
mosher 1:*hug* hey wat r u listening 2
mosher 2: slipknot, want an ear?
*listens 2 mp3 player*mosh*get dirty look from a chav*
mosher 1: god i hate chavs
mosher 2: my neck is killing me *rubs neck*shrugs*moshes more*
by Nikx October 16, 2005
A person who dresses in black/brightly coloured clothes, usually quite depressed but has a good time with friends, is very random and listens to any type of rock music.
Often found sitting around with friends laughing, joking, playing spin the bottle, and sometimes with alcohol.
Probably has a bag with many badges on declaring their favourite bands or with slogans such as "Fuck You" or "I'm here around the blow job". Generally nice people.
A group of moshers were listening to Green Day and talking.
by Slipknotlover August 21, 2005
Generally, people who dont feel the need to be branded as fashionable, even though mosher clothes are so much better than chav clothes. Moshers usually have small badges on their bags showing their favourite bands. Moshers are not un-sociable, infact they are nice people who are really cool to hang around with and chat. Can be seen in mosh-pits headbanging (do not get into one of these if you treasure your limbs) The only people they hate are chavs, i myself despise chavs and go mental everytime i see one. retford is chav infested- dont move there!!!
(chavs walk past)
mosher 1 "hey a chav"
mosher 2 "KILL THEM!!"
(chavs fucking leg it)
by Jimmy m November 04, 2005
A mosher is some1 who likes to listen 2 many different types of metal music, always admit the truth what eva it may be, and they are really nice people and are the nicest people u could ever meet to be honest and they hate chavs to death.
A mosher is someone who minds their own business and don't go around kickin peoples head in just for how they are
by mosh2live December 31, 2005
One who partakes in the activity of moshing, that is to flail about madly and violently to the rhythm of music. The louder and faster the music, the better it is to mosh to.
My friends band didn't get through to the next round of Emergenza because a couple of people got black eyes in the mosh pit.Pshaw, they still enjoyed themselves didn't they?
by dudeman April 24, 2004
not a goth, but also not a townie. usualy someone who enjoys rock or punk, butdoesn't feel the need to be "labled". sadly, when the scalys came into being, they proceded to name anyone vaguely individual that listnes to anything that isn't "bangin chowns" a "mosher" thus defeating the inviduals attemp for individuality.
Ere, look at that mosher over ther

mish mosh get a wash
by itastenice September 02, 2005
a person who listens to any type of rock music and does not tend to try and annoy others, and try to avoid chavs (scallys/_or as i call them shit heads) the scally's will try to harm moshers and will hang out on any street corner acting hard but a mosher does not feel the need to act hard(strong) because they mostly do not feel the need to fight unless provoked by a Chav.
In all a mosher is a generally nice person.^-^
i am a mosher and i act like my Definition and so do my mates and they are mosters.
by Donno92 February 26, 2006
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