The place where a general fight at a punk concert breaks out when everyone is rocking out. The action of fighting in this manner is generally referred to as moshing.

There are different types of moshpits, including, but not limited to:
1. The kind where the huge, strong, steel-toed boot guys get in this fist fight. Unless you are a member of this group of huge, strong, steel-toed boot guys, it is advisable to stay away from these unless you want the living crap beaten out of you. A circle of unoccupied space often forms around this moshpit even within the confines of a dense crowd.

2. The kind where everyone is pushing towards the stage in order to get closer to the band. It is generally hard to breathe in these if you are under 6 feet tall or are surrounded by a bunch of very tall people. Also called a squish.

3. The kind where everyone shoves each other no matter what size or gender the participants are. Mostly everyone has their elbows out so that when they get ran into, the person shoving into them receives some sort of bruising. Often result in bruises and broken glasses, but no broken bones.
1. Mosher 1: Dude! You just got the shit beaten out of you in that mosh pit!
Mosher 2 (friend of mosher 1): I think my nose is broken.

2. Mosher 1 (over 6 ft tall): You okay down there? this mosh pit is suffocating!
Mosher 2 (under 6 ft tall): *muffled sounds of attempted speaking*

3. Mosher 2: Shit! I just got elbowed in the face!
by concertgoersunite October 15, 2007
The area near the front of the stage at punk rock and metal concerts where fans will run into each other continously. This is also known as slamdancing. It is not uncommon for people to shove their friends into the pit. Normally, the pit isn't very dangerous, and most will follow the rules of a friendly pit. For example, if someone falls down in the pit, the other moshers are expected to pick them up and get them out of harms way.

There are also variatons on the mosh pit, including circle pits, and the wall of death.
If you go to a punk show, there's going to be a mosh pit there.

"I got shoved into the mosh pit!"
by Franticc July 07, 2007
mosh pits are the metal heads dance, unlike most dances of today, this one it very violent and involves a lot of pushing, shoving, screaming and shouting. usually they starts when a metal band plays a very heavy song and people being to head bang to the music. then some one head bangs a little bit to fast and hit some one else, and the hit them back (as any good metal head would). the person who was hit goes in to another person who also pushes them, and so the dance of the metal heads has begun!!
john:YEAHHH!!(hits of Joe in his fit of headbanging)
Joe:WATCH IT!!(pushes john, john hits off another metal head and they push him..) and so on and so on until there is a lot of people jumping on people and crazy give u a proper example i would have to show u! and thats how to start mosh pits!
by Brian666 August 16, 2006
was started to punk music in the 70's usually caused by large masses of people slamdancing
pushing,shoving wailing fists
by drummerdude45 July 01, 2005
a mosh pit is a good place to vent agression and jump on townies
eg heaven and hell barsnley uk
by lestat July 09, 2004
A place for metal-heads, Droogies, and sometimes emos (who don't know what the hell they're doing) to congregate and basically beat the shit out of each other. Mosh pits usually take place at metal or punk concerts.

A mosh pit can, however, take place without any music. In this case a bunch of the aforementioned people would decide to gather in a public place (school, Wal-Mart, local mall, parking lot, etc.) and start an Open Pit, attempting to drag into the pit those who have no intention of entering. The most common types of mosh pits are as follows:

Confined (Closed) Pit: Involves lot's of people packed tightly together doing more jumping up and down than actual moshing. Most difficult to breathe in.

Open Pit: The most chaotic of pits, where anyone is fair game, and big slams/hits often bring congratualtions rather than reprisal. Much like a game of Wildcat without any football pads.

Hard-Core Dance Pit: Not a true mosh pit. An open area created by some emos who have foolishly attempted to ruin everyone's good time so they can "dance." Located next to or within a real mosh pit. Involves no real dancing. Fun for real moshers to turn into an Open Pit.

Circle Pit: A mosh pit in which everyone starts running in a cicle while shoving the person in front of them. People on the outside of the pit are often thrown into the circle pit unwillingly. Anthrax has been known to encourage its fans to start a Circle Pit during live performances of the song Indians.

Charge Pit: Much like the Circle Pit, this one involves a group of people running, or "charging," through the rest of the mosh pit in ultimate disarray, running over and trampling everyone in their path, but still remaining part of the group. In my opinion, the most insane, dangerous, and fun type of mosh pit. Requires a large area and lots of people.
The Slayer concert wasn't until Friday, so Lars got some Droogies together and started a mosh pit outside Wal-Mart.

Joe tried to fuck his emo girlfriend in the Hard-core Dance Pit but got his dick torn off when the metal-heads turned it into a circle pit.

Don't get in front of the Charge Pit. The only people brave enough to start that one have steel-toed boots and the urge to kill.
by J. Arnier March 19, 2007
Started by the underground punks in the seventies, but frequently (and wrongly) associated with metal heads and nu metal. Basically, at a PUNK SHOW you and your droogskick the living shit out of eachother during a nice song, say, sex and violence by the exploited.

Mosh Pit Vocab-

The Two-Person Approach- frequently used by first-timers and punk ladies who dont want to get beaten too badly. The smaller of the two partners is picked up by the larger of the two and swung around hoping to kick the pussies and emo kids who aren't in the mosh pit in the face with their steel-toed-boots.

Regular style- at a local show, a bunch of kids kicking the shit out of eachother. Normally started when one runs into another one, (purposefully or not) and gets punched in the face.

Ass Fag Emo Kids- kids who stand on the outside of the pit and enjoy pushing the people, who #1- are trying to genuinely get out because their nose is broken, or #2 just got pushed out by someone else in the put, back into the pit quite hard and quite meanly. If you ever get in contact with one of these kids, push them in the pit and do everyone a favor.

The Light Fixture- One hangs from a light fixture and kicks people in the face. If you are one of these, try to hit the ass fag emo kids so they fall into the pit and get squashed.

The Banana- Throwing a banana into a pit. Sometimes done by AFEK, but sometimes done by cool people who just want to poke fun at their friends. I've done this before. The banana eventually gets diffused around the show, and everyone smells like banana.

The Dominants- The kids you see with the metal-covered jackets with the misfits and buzzcocks and adicts patches on their pants/jackets/shirts/body. with the mo/trihawks and steel toe boots. these kids better get some damn respect, or you'd better fuckin run for your emo life. I know doms that have eaten emo kids before, razorblades and all.

The Initiator- That one guy, who, when the song speeds up, socks another kid in the face, thus creating a domino effect getting everyone withing a fifteen foot radius involved in a mosh pit.

Slam Dancing- Cool when done by an established dominant, but not when done by a AFEK trying to be cool. You flail your arms around like a crazy person, and sometimes stand and act like your stabbing someone multiple times, hitting kids in the face left and right.

Nu Metal- Ass Fags making Non-Music. There is no such thing as a Nu Metal, or even a Metal mosh pit. The head bangers head bang, but do not mosh. because moshing is for punks, we started it.
Punk was originially used as a durogotory term for prostitutes during the middle ages.


lets have a mosh pit. we will mosh the night away
by white fingernails October 13, 2005
A nice circle where you are allowed to hug anyone you want. Next time you go to a concert please run to the center of that circle, if you get there first you'll get the most hugs! Hug everyone, but most importantly have fun!

Ps. Ignore the other definitions of "moshpit" they just want to scare you away cause they want to get to the center first. Don't let them fool you!
Lead singer: MOSHPIT!

Everyone: *runs to the center*

Leader singer: looks like the chick in the white shirt got there first!

Everyone: aw!

Lead singer: everyone hug her!

Everyone: *hugs her*

Girl in white shirt: yay! Best day of my life!
by iseesyou July 08, 2013
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