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The place where a general fight at a punk concert breaks out when everyone is rocking out. The action of fighting in this manner is generally referred to as moshing.

There are different types of moshpits, including, but not limited to:
1. The kind where the huge, strong, steel-toed boot guys get in this fist fight. Unless you are a member of this group of huge, strong, steel-toed boot guys, it is advisable to stay away from these unless you want the living crap beaten out of you. A circle of unoccupied space often forms around this moshpit even within the confines of a dense crowd.

2. The kind where everyone is pushing towards the stage in order to get closer to the band. It is generally hard to breathe in these if you are under 6 feet tall or are surrounded by a bunch of very tall people. Also called a squish.

3. The kind where everyone shoves each other no matter what size or gender the participants are. Mostly everyone has their elbows out so that when they get ran into, the person shoving into them receives some sort of bruising. Often result in bruises and broken glasses, but no broken bones.
1. Mosher 1: Dude! You just got the shit beaten out of you in that mosh pit!
Mosher 2 (friend of mosher 1): I think my nose is broken.

2. Mosher 1 (over 6 ft tall): You okay down there? this mosh pit is suffocating!
Mosher 2 (under 6 ft tall): *muffled sounds of attempted speaking*

3. Mosher 2: Shit! I just got elbowed in the face!
by concertgoersunite October 15, 2007

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