short for most definetly!!!!
tyler: Did it feel the best when i put it in your butt last night?

zane: mos def!
by jake1234 April 04, 2006
a bastardization of most definately
usually used in online lingo
A: hey
B: wuzup
A: n2mh u
A: ssdd
A: wanna see a movie
B: mos def
by cait/eileen January 30, 2003
Mos Def comes from two words, mos is short slang for "most" and def is short for "deft" which means skilled. Thus "mos def" is defined as "most skilled."
Mos Def is also a rap alias for one Dante Smith.
by RTK666 December 28, 2004
abrieveation of im a deaf old dear
"ima steal your wallet", "she can't hear you dude, she's mos def"
by bencé December 15, 2004
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