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A cheap and blatant disney rip-off of Grease that for some reason a bunch of kids like. So of course disney markets the shit out of it, and 2 sequels are due out. only reason to watch is to see up-and-coming actress/singer Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Loser 1: Dude did you watch High School Musical? I heard it's awesome.

Loser 2: Ya dude it was awesome!!!!

Loser 1: Did you hear they are making sequels?

Loser 2: Ya 2!!! OMG THATS SO AWESOME!!!!!

Non-Loser: Disney is so fucking pathetic they haven't had a single original idea in a decade and all they do is put out sequels because they are money-grubbing bastards who don't care about the quality of their movies.
by disneysucks July 27, 2006
Eastern Sports and Propaganda Network
Everytime I turn on ESPN they are talking about the Yankees or Patriots or Red Sox or some other gay east coast team, as if the west coast does not exist.
by disneysucks July 30, 2006
You have to be fucking kidding me. Fuck disney.
Loser 1: OMG dude there's gonna be a sequel to High School Musical!!!!

Loser 2: OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS! That's like my most favoritest movie everrrr!!!!!

Loser 1: YA and better yet it has an awesome name: High School Musical 2: Sing It All Or Nothing!


Non-Loser: There's been a lot of crap that Disney has come out with but COME ON. If High School Musical wasn't the biggest piece of shit ever made, High School Musical 2 trumps it just with its faggot title. God I hate Disney.
by disneysucks December 01, 2006
when you cum on yo bitch's tits
I was doin her hard, and when I was finished I free willied all over her sexy chest.
by disneysucks June 01, 2006
winner of season 4 of Last Comic Standing, a hilarious comic who has cerebral palsy which he is able to use to his advantage in his stand-up routines
Ty Barnett was funny, but Josh Blue definitely deserved to win.
by disneysucks August 12, 2006
a word used to describe an African-American woman that is extremely attractive; can also be used to have a negative connotation, in this case it is describing a whore (regardless of race)
1. Dude, your mom is so blackilicious I would do her in a second.

2. My ex-girlfriend was so blackilicious, practically everyone at school has done her.
by disneysucks July 09, 2006
acronym for YOU ARE VERY CLOSE TO DEATH used by hard-core gamers who like to PWN EACH OTHER LOL
Loser 1: Hey man isn't halo 2 like the coolest game ever (adjusts glasses).

Loser 2: OMG i no.

Loser 1: LOL YAVCTD.

Loser 2: LOL you are PWNING me.

Loser 1: LOL

Loser 2: LOL
by disneysucks October 14, 2006

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