shortened form for 'most definitely'
A: you gonna come out tonight?
B: oh mosdef!
by AznC June 18, 2003
(adv.) meaning: most definitely; the phrase also pays homage to the infamous emcee, Mos Def.
"You better hit me up with those tracks."
"I'll mos def hit you back, hommie."
by kduballstar October 03, 2005
a hella fine rapper. whooo
mos def was hella fine in that movie "Brown Sugar"
by aysha n gabby January 05, 2005
The highest possible degree to which one can be Def. The is no higher level possible to which one can be def, therefore mos def is the epitamy of defness. There is only one known person to have achieved a true mos def status, that person, formerly known as Date Terrel Smith, then adopted the name of Mos Def upon pushing through the plateau. This level of deafness is the epitamy of hip hop culture.
At one point in my life, i believed that i could possibly be mos def, unfortunately after further review i realized that i was just a trick ass mark.
by Pappa Horace November 07, 2007
Most Definitely
Me: We chilling today?
You: Mos def
by Pussilia September 20, 2009
As coined by the legendary rapper himself, "Mos-Def" refers to a thing, person, experience etc which is "mos" (or most, hugely, a lot), "def" (excellent, awesome; NOT short for 'definitely').
Mos-Def's changing his rap name to "Yasiin"?? Don't sweat it, he's still the MOS DEF rapper out.... after Chuck D of course..
by September 28, 2011
short for saying most definitely, or sure.
Yo you gonna be at the party tonight?" Jarel: "Mos def bro.
by 92Prodigy April 08, 2011

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