A dangerous individual with a trenchcoat fetish. Also a vampire-wannabe.
Morpheus feeds on the blood of the living

Morpheus: I get aroused by trenchcoats
by Dev-Null March 27, 2003
Top Definition
Some black guy who keeps on getting hatecrimed proper by Agents in the matrix
Oh looky here, Morpheus is getting slapped about again
by Ultros August 12, 2003
When you meet a chick at a bar, give her the option of taking two pills, both of which are roofies. She will undoubtedly take the red pill and pass out within 10 minutes. Drag her into the bathroom and proceed to have your way with her. When she wakes up, stand over her and put your sunglasses back on. Kick the door open. Say nothing.
1: Yo dawg.
2: Sup, nizzle.
1: I saw you got yo morpheus on last night.
2: *puts on glasses*
#morphus #neo #matrix #morfeus #the one #red pill
by J Krizzle September 23, 2009
Morpheus is the god of dreams and plays the same part within the matrix etc.
as u no he is a dreamer in the matrix and so he is in greek mythology they also made a drug after him which is cool cause not many people can boast about being named after a drug aka morphine
sleep well my child morpheus will protect ya or u can kill hi as he is a pussy fighter in the matrix
by rob July 20, 2004
A file sharing program, rarely used because there is Kazaa. It was made to replace napster but failed because they started making people pay
Napster sucks so i use kazaa
by CHPhater February 14, 2004
the ultimate level of personal performace
to win booze olympics he needed to step up his game and get morpheus
#booze #olympics #game #matrix #alcohol
by Kirsten Reich May 19, 2008
for whoever has a lil bit more of culture(i mean, 0.0001% of americans), morpheus is the name of the greek god of sleep. pretty useless info. now, if u watched the matrix u know who morpheus is, right?
still don't know who morpheus is? go watch the matrix, buddy!
by my name? take a guess... December 16, 2003
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