A female that owns or frequently wears a Morphsuit. A morphsuit is a 100% lycra suit that covers the entire body. Commonly seen at collegiate sporting events. Can be solid colors or patterns such as zebra stripes.
Guy: "Did you see the morphette last night?"

Friend: "Yea, she was awesome."
by Veracious Fallacy October 19, 2011
Top Definition
A sexy girl. A human version of a smurfette. A word invented by the infamous Morph to salute the sexy female form.
She's a sexy Morphette!
by Morph November 17, 2007
A female changling that can easily and sometimes inconveniently adopt a new persona.
If you have a friend of this persuasion in your acquaintence then good luck! (You'll need it to help weather the changes)
(ex GF just *emoted* that she needs to meet someone else)
"Morphed again by the morphette queen"
by flatly December 04, 2005
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