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3 definitions by flatly

Derived from mis-spelling of the word dick.
Also describes an action without forethought.
Did - It - Before - Knowing
Why are you such a dibk?

I can be a real dibk sometimes.

My ex-GF just text me and called me a real dibk.
What could this mean?
by flatly December 11, 2005
3 2
A shared orGASM achievable only by the right chemistry with a sexual partner. Transcending physical boundaries, a melding of EM~otional selves, not a mere physical event.
"I enjoyed many but this orgasm stirred us from our emotional core. It was emgasm-ic!" ;)
by flatly December 05, 2005
4 11
A female changling that can easily and sometimes inconveniently adopt a new persona.
If you have a friend of this persuasion in your acquaintence then good luck! (You'll need it to help weather the changes)
(ex GF just *emoted* that she needs to meet someone else)
"Morphed again by the morphette queen"
by flatly December 04, 2005
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