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4 definitions by Morph

(Acronym) Good game all. Expression of approval at the end of an online FPS, indicating that the game was played in a spirit of fairness, or that it was a close run contest.
Man, we were like 2 seconds away from capturing your flag. GGA.

I'm really glad that spawncamping smacktard didn't ruin things again tonight. GGA.
by morph October 11, 2004
A sexy girl. A human version of a smurfette. A word invented by the infamous Morph to salute the sexy female form.
She's a sexy Morphette!
by Morph November 17, 2007
A word used to abuse my friend Dodge.
Dodge, you are a wankercunt!
by Morph February 20, 2005
Someone who was forgotten by the modern age, uses such slang like boomstick and whooo doggy, and can make the US army weapons reserve look like a yard sale.

Have also bred 99.9978 of known dogs.
RedNeck: Dem damn army people aint knowin nothin i outta go over dere wid my boomstick and shown em whos the damn boss of this country.
by Morph May 22, 2003