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(Acronym) Good game all. Expression of approval at the end of an online FPS, indicating that the game was played in a spirit of fairness, or that it was a close run contest.
Man, we were like 2 seconds away from capturing your flag. GGA.

I'm really glad that spawncamping smacktard didn't ruin things again tonight. GGA.
by morph October 11, 2004
A sexy girl. A human version of a smurfette. A word invented by the infamous Morph to salute the sexy female form.
She's a sexy Morphette!
by Morph November 17, 2007
Someone who was forgotten by the modern age, uses such slang like boomstick and whooo doggy, and can make the US army weapons reserve look like a yard sale.

Have also bred 99.9978 of known dogs.
RedNeck: Dem damn army people aint knowin nothin i outta go over dere wid my boomstick and shown em whos the damn boss of this country.
by Morph May 22, 2003
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