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A greeting that can be used at any time of day, even if it isnt morning. Can confuse people but is the easiest non thinking way to say hello.
Jeff: Hey john
John: morning
Jeff: Dude, its 5 in the evening...
John: meh...
by - Irishaxe - May 05, 2009
93 39
There is no 'urban' definition for morning because the type of people who speak 'urban' do not know what morning is.
"Now that I've got a job I've got to get up in THE MORNING."
"Morning? What the hell's that?"
by Dylan Hewson June 20, 2005
481 73
the worst time of day, mostly described as the time you have to wake up to get to your piece of shit job or the time of day when your passed out on a stranger's house.
dude 1: "yo u totally crashed on my couch last night"
dude 2: "sorry i just found out this morning"
dude 1: "dude u fucked my sister"
by tunit5cent February 05, 2006
166 52
"Aye, Murphy, 'ts gonna be a bad morning"
by Jon Reed July 31, 2006
115 31
another term for a homo.
Dude look at that guy in the tight pants, he must be a facking morning.
by FawsPiece July 23, 2008
18 140