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Someone who find it easy to get up in the mornings and is most awake around this time. becomes tired in the late evenings. (see night person for oppisite.)
'what time did you get up today?'
'i was up at 6'
'why so early'
'bevcaus eim a morning person and am most awake then'
by amy peters October 12, 2005
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That irritatingly happy person that has no need for high octane coffee when they wake up. Generally, these people are a myth found only in Narnia, but every now and then one will escape and it is the job of the (much more awesome) night people to coerce them back into the wardrobe.
Jill was a total morning person. You could definitely tell that she just came out of the closet.
by LopsidedMidget July 27, 2012
Among a group of runners, the person charged with saying, "Morning," to anyone they encounter along the way.
Runner One: "Here comes a pedestrian. Is our morning person ready?"

Runner Two: Nods to the lone pedestrian "Morning."

Runner Three: "Good job!"
by La Guapa April 04, 2010

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