The act of copulation with a member of the Church (Cult) of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Since what they do to reproduce cannot be considered sexy, mormonizing is what they do.

Also, the act of converting someone to a mormon can be called mormonizing, because once you join, you are fucked.
Jess: Get ready to be mormonized.
Jebidiah: Ok, but only without protection. We need to expand this farce, I mean religion.
by Micho Rizo August 18, 2005
Top Definition
To screw somebody in a manner that is consistent with the Mormon faith.
"Did you guys get kinky last night?"
"Nah, she's a Mormon, so we just Mormonized."
by JulesJules September 27, 2005
When a mormon sexes someone up.
Oh baby, come mormonize me!
by Jess Braz July 23, 2005
The act of sexing someone up by a mormon.
Oh baby, mormonize me.

Man, those hot mormons over there on their bikes can mormonize me any day.
by sexyjedininja August 04, 2005
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