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A portmanteau of 'Mormon' and 'phonics' - A peculiar language for a peculiar people.
Napoleon Dynamite speaks perfect mormonics.
by broncogunner June 12, 2008
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Having to do with Mormons or their religion/practices.
It is very Mormonic to not drink coffee.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 20, 2007
A contraction of the two words Mormon and moronic. Often used to indicated the unwitting idiosyncracies of those currently practicing or raised in the Mormon Church. These traits commonly include: misogyny, homophobia, racism, intolerance. Mormons themselves do not understand that they are in fact expressing these characteristics a la Mitt Romney.
"I can't take advice from a gay person." Is a Mormon unwittingly expressing homophobia, hence is being Mormonic.
"A wife should do everything her husband asks." "Wives should obey their husbands, men are biologically better decision makers." Mormonic expression of misogyny yet they cannot see it because this is part of their religion.
"Native Americans are the lost tribe of Israel, its been proven by genetics." This is a Mormonic interpretation of anthropology disproven by academic institutions other than BYU.
"Joseph Smith wasn't a polygamist, it was necessary in the pioneer days." A Mormonic denial of history based on church spin.
by Libertine86 October 07, 2013
The act of being so stereotypically mormon that its moronic.
"That Mormon doesn't own a car, only a bike...thats mormonic."
by Your King, Your all my bitches November 30, 2013
Of or relating to the deluded, romantic, moronic writings of Stephanie Meyer and other authors that share her religious upbringing.
"I'm gonna blow your Frickin' head off!",a quote from New Moon, is just one example of the Mormonic skewed perspective on life that some people whose religion is based in Utah have.
by Allan Bedillion Trehern August 20, 2011

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