Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) a Christian religion based on both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Members try to be honest, chaste, respectful, kind etc. They avoid using profane language, using alcohol/tobacco/drugs, having sexual relations outside of marriage etc.
My nieghbors are mormons and they go to church every Sunday.
by crisper2 March 02, 2011
a colloquialism used to refer to members of the Church of Latter Day Saints
The mormons are considered a cult by some Christians.
by Light Joker February 04, 2007
Someone who is a little annoyed about people's entries on mormon in the urban dictionary and would advise all who read this not to waste their time reading the following pathetic prejudices and/or the equally useless attempts at defending one's religion in a website that is supposed to be about fun, urban slang.
Normal Mormon Kid 1: Why the flip are you wasting your time reading this example? Go work on your research essay!... or hug your mom, or something.
by kablushka March 29, 2010
(n.) a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The largest church to be established in America, therefore known as the "American Religion", it is a world wide church with over 13 million members across the globe. "Mormonism" is a branch of Christianity, and consider the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon to be it's primary religious texts. The LDS (or Mormon) church is centered around the family unit, and it's purpose is to help people to return to a Heaven and a Heavenly Father there who created all of humanity, to leave for eternity with their families and at God's side. This is achieved by following the teachings of Heavenly Father (God), which were taught by Jesus Christ, the prophets of Biblical times, and the prophets of the LDS church in these latter days.
The LDS church is most commonly known for it's high moral code, which includes:
-Honoring the laws of the land
-No consumption of alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, or anything that takes away the agency (the greatest gift of God to his children) of man on this Earth. (these are believed to take away your agency because they are addictive)
-Complete sexual chastity until marriage, including any sexual behaviors such as pornography, masturbation, and sexual contact.
-Protection of your body as a holy temple, which includes abstaining from any illegal drug use, tattoos, more than 1 set of ear piercings for women, dressing modestly, and not consuming alcohol, tobacco, coffee or tea.
Do you want to know what Mormon's actually believe in, not rumors and myths? Go to for the answers!
by dbrow127 December 02, 2010
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We're not a cult, we don't want to force religion down your throat, and we whole-heartedly accept that you have your own opinion. We believe our church's doctrine to be true, yet many of the members are still quite flawed (myself included, as well as many others who have attempted to tell you what we're all about).

If you really want to know about our church, talk to the missionaries. Members have a tendency to twist what we believe in their own ways. The missionaries will (for the most part) set you straight on our beliefs. They will never force what they have to say upon you. If you don't want them around, just politely tell them so. Trust me, I was a missionary myself. You can be mean to them, but they'll just make fun of you (like anybody else would).

The only real way for people to tell us apart from everyone else (and no, it's not our horns...although they're really quite stylish) is from the things we DON'T do. For example, we don't drink coffee or tea, and we don't have sex before we're married. By choice, mind you. Our members are free to drink as much coffee as they want, or look up as much porn as they want. Seems to me that being able to NOT do such things is a great exercise in self-control. Most people don't seem to like that because they themselves do not have the same self-control and they want to put down anyone else who does.

Please don't disparage Joseph Smith. We revere him as a great man. It's not his church, and we don't worship him. We follow our Savior Jesus Christ (although sometimes as members we have a tendency to think of that as a given, and could probably be more vocal about it).

We're not perfect. Neither are you. If you don't like us, that's fine. We accept that. We've heard everything you have to say about us. While most of it is either untrue or twisted, we allow you to have your own opinion. You don't have to join our church, so I don't see why everyone feels the need to condemn us. I don't remember Christ telling us to condemn another who believes and follows Him.

Do you?

I myself am a Mormon and I love our church. We've got some really amazing people who do some really amazing things. I mean...who DOESN'T love the Osmonds??? (That was a joke) But heck! Did you know the dude that invented the TV was Mormon? Holy crap, it's true! Philo Farnsworth. Look it up!

If you want to learn more about us visit or Good luck to us all.
Mormons rock! (just a little lighter than others, that's all)
by JDeck May 28, 2008
An adjective describing someone who is, or acting, happy, white, extremely nice.. well, Mormon.
I am feeling Mormon today!

She's so Mormon... we went to a bar and she had a diet coke!

He walks around smiling at people. What a Mormon!
by anonymousnotmormon October 03, 2007
Believe in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I spent 18 years of my life as a mormon, and have since denounced my "birthright" by finally breaking free from the monotonous thinking and lessons drilled into my head. I have heard all the lessons many, many times and do understand what I'm talking about--- I was once an active mormon who "believed" in it completely. With that being said, let's begin:

They believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, saw God, and translated the golden plates into what is called "The Book of Mormon." (Hence, the term "mormon") They have thirteen articles of faith describing their beliefs.

There are 3 sections of heaven (Celstial being the highest, Telestial is the middle, and Terrestial is the lowest) and "hell" is called "outer darkness" and only very special people who have actually "seen" God and "know" the church is true but deny it go there. Only good mormons get to go to the highest level of heaven and only those in the top will become "Gods" of their own planets. (It's the true belief. I've heard it a billion times. It is also one reason I left the church--- Only mormons are allowed in the highest degree of heaven, but no worries, if you convert you get to be special too! :D ...I find that to be concieted, elitist bull shit.)

*There is to be no sex before marriage. (In fact, it is highly discourage to even engaed in "Passionate Kissing" because it arouses sexual feelings. I don't lie--- see the "Strength of the Youth" pamphlet all lovely mormon kids get. I think that sounds like a scary transition from nothing before marriage to all of a sudden sex after.)
*No drugs, no alcohol, no coffee, and no tea are allowed. (additionally, drinking caffiene is discouraged)
*Guys are encourage to go on missions when they turn 19, though girls can go too if they wish. They pay for it with their own money.(and though people say it's of their own free will, and there is no pressure... there is actually a big deal of pressure and a lot of Mormon girls refuse to marry a guy if they haven't gone on their mission. {I was a mormon. I live in Utah. I have seen that many times.})

*They also believe that being a homosexual is a sin. It is bad to be gay, and the person has "chosen" to be gay rather than being born that way. (One BIG reason I left the church. This has always bugged me. I don't think being gay is a sin, I don't think they choose to be gay, I think it's just predjudice crap.)
*Females' main purpose is to have children and to be a mother. They get no position of power in the church except for over other women. (They try to placate women by saying that they are super duper special because they get to have kids, making them very holy :D yay! ... that's just not even fair. Also, I have had lessons about how it is bad for women to be in the workforce because their place is in the home and that's where god wants them... As you can see, this another reason I left the church--- I get fucked over for being a girl. :D)
*Also, blacks were not allowed to have preisthood (a special gift given only to the men that allows them to bless people, and have high church positions) in the Church until all of a sudden "God" says it's time to give them the power... Amazing how that happened around the same time as the Civil Rights Movement... It certainly wasn't social pressure that made them change their minds about black people... certainly not... it was "God."

I do feel like most people born into the church were brainwashed (but you'll get mauled if you say that to them) but I think they do the best they can. And if it works for them, great! Didn't work for me...

Mormons are typically very nice, helpful people though and I am glad that they stand up for what they believe is true. :) and who knows, maybe they're right... but i doubt it.

Mormons are sexist, homophobic ex-racists... But they mean well and have good beliefs in home, family, and helping others.
by Sai52 May 15, 2008
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