a colloquialism used to refer to members of the Church of Latter Day Saints
The mormons are considered a cult by some Christians.
by Light Joker February 04, 2007
The term given to members of the various churches who follow the teachings of Joseph Smith, Jr. They are called this because Joseph Smith claimed to translate an ancient American record called "The Book of Mormon".

Many different Churches follow the the teachings of Joseph Smith, but most often the term "Mormons" is used to describe members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sometimes it is also used to describe the members of "Break-off" Churches who still follow discontinued practices of the Original Church, such as polygamy, etc.
Those people are Mormons.
by jakelow November 13, 2009
Someone who is a little annoyed about people's entries on mormon in the urban dictionary and would advise all who read this not to waste their time reading the following pathetic prejudices and/or the equally useless attempts at defending one's religion in a website that is supposed to be about fun, urban slang.
Normal Mormon Kid 1: Why the flip are you wasting your time reading this example? Go work on your research essay!... or hug your mom, or something.
by kablushka March 29, 2010
An adjective describing someone who is, or acting, happy, white, extremely nice.. well, Mormon.
I am feeling Mormon today!

She's so Mormon... we went to a bar and she had a diet coke!

He walks around smiling at people. What a Mormon!
by anonymousnotmormon October 03, 2007
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) a Christian religion based on both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Members try to be honest, chaste, respectful, kind etc. They avoid using profane language, using alcohol/tobacco/drugs, having sexual relations outside of marriage etc.
My nieghbors are mormons and they go to church every Sunday.
by crisper2 March 02, 2011
(n.) a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The largest church to be established in America, therefore known as the "American Religion", it is a world wide church with over 13 million members across the globe. "Mormonism" is a branch of Christianity, and consider the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon to be it's primary religious texts. The LDS (or Mormon) church is centered around the family unit, and it's purpose is to help people to return to a Heaven and a Heavenly Father there who created all of humanity, to leave for eternity with their families and at God's side. This is achieved by following the teachings of Heavenly Father (God), which were taught by Jesus Christ, the prophets of Biblical times, and the prophets of the LDS church in these latter days.
The LDS church is most commonly known for it's high moral code, which includes:
-Honoring the laws of the land
-No consumption of alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, or anything that takes away the agency (the greatest gift of God to his children) of man on this Earth. (these are believed to take away your agency because they are addictive)
-Complete sexual chastity until marriage, including any sexual behaviors such as pornography, masturbation, and sexual contact.
-Protection of your body as a holy temple, which includes abstaining from any illegal drug use, tattoos, more than 1 set of ear piercings for women, dressing modestly, and not consuming alcohol, tobacco, coffee or tea.
Do you want to know what Mormon's actually believe in, not rumors and myths? Go to mormon.org for the answers!
by dbrown7 December 02, 2010
The Ye Olde English way of saying "Morons".
While I was in SLC, I kept refering to the locals as 'morons' instead of mormons. The more they got pissed, the more I laughed.
by Fuck Those Fucking Mormons June 04, 2007

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