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(Also ex-mormon)

A baptized member of the morg who no longer believes in the doctrines of the Mormon church.

Exmormons may officially resign from the church's roles, simply stop attending, or may even continue to attend church services to hide their disbelief from family and friends.

Revealing disbelief in Mormon doctrines, or that one no longer belongs to the Mormon church, often leads to ostracization and demonization by Mormon friends and family members. Several support and friend communities exist for exmormons.
Jerry hasn't heard from his father much since he became an exmormon.
by bruin October 11, 2004
A fun group of people who describe their experiences in the Morg, and what brought them to leave, and their experiences leaving. They have families they love, standards they follow, and are a profoundly knowledgeable source for information about Mormonism.
"I'm going to the exmormons forum to learn more about the Mormon Church."
by Billy Wineglass October 08, 2008
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