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also accasionally answers to the name Nancy Morland, dwells behind closed doors of the cursed classroom 7B. No child in the history of their stay at the school, Saint Sin-mon and Rude have ever thought of happiness or joy when hearing her name. The name: morlinator. The Weapon: "pinks" The State: M I N I S O T A !
Come visit the Morlinator in room 7B for a special surprise...death!
by anders.t April 27, 2004
she come sfrom minnesota: the land of many lakes, beavers, and those minnesotan girls!

her favorite words: reduce, recycle, reuse!

hmmm sketchy!

maddy...where is your math?

let's go garage sale-ing

sit down!
the morlinator is oin the loose...hide your garage sale treasures and bring your math to scan!
by minnesotagirls April 23, 2004