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The wanting of more orgasms
s'mores. (wanting more smores)
by Ashley August 28, 2003
A mini orgasm.
Last night we banged. It wasn't amazing, but I had a morgasm.
by Torgasm <3 January 12, 2011
The experience one has while jizzing their pants after hearing the name Morgan Freeman or his voice of god.
Kid 1: I heard about Morgan Freem-
Kid 2: Urgh.... Ahhhhh Morgasm..
Kid 1: Bitchin'.
by War Toe March 09, 2010
Orgasm of the mind.
Mind orgasm.
"I totally had a morgasm thinking about Shia LaBeouf in Transformers and Eagle Eye".
by agentmob007 November 03, 2009
When you eat something so mouth-wateringly delicious your mouth has an orgasm, or MORGASM
When sitting at the lunch table, Jamie had a MORGASM while eating an oreo.
by xofreestyle212xo March 04, 2009
n.) an orgasm that keeps hitting you way after the intial feeling has left, much like a shockwave following an explosion.


a flurry of orgasms that hit all at once.
Jeff gave me such a good morgasm last Tuesday night i can almost still feel it.

by J.Mark August 19, 2006
When males named morgan take it in the ass they experiance a morgasim
Morgan had a morgasim with ted, hes homosexual lover
by Morgan November 05, 2004
To ejaculate in a morgue. An experience felt only by necrophiliacs.
Johnny the Homicidal Necrophiliac snuck into the morque and had a quick morgasm with the dead bodies.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 14, 2003