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By musical orgasm I mean an experience in which one is moved by music to a level of consciousness which is characterized by feelings of ecstasy, omniscience, immortality, and sublime understanding. It does not, however, refer to a sexual thrill, nor is it characterized by emission of seminal fluid.
Some of his works bring me to musical orgasm.
by David Kaiser May 19, 2003
The point in a song in which the listener gets so involved in the music, and where the music is so incredibly good that he has a sweet feeling of ecstasy in the very pit of his stomach.
Dude, when that rocking guitar solo started up, I had a musical orgasm!
by thecrazymonkey January 17, 2009
When music is so epic that you either get a serious adrenaline rush or feel perfection.
If music gives you a literal orgasm though, you're fucked up.
Dude, have you heard Parabola by Tool? I guarantee you the best fucking musical orgasm EVER.
by Cuttlefish and Asparagus July 26, 2011
1. That moment of bliss that overcomes you when listening to a song and/or while at a live concert or venue. May or may not be accompanied by an actual orgasm.

2. The moment the guitarist/band member on stage gets into a musical rift and shortly after starts to shred or just have long solos.
For the listener: "Dude I was listening to this song last night and it was soo good I had a musical orgasm,"

And for the musician: "I'd been working on this new rift last night and I finally got it right and was so happy I had an instant musical orgasm,"
by Rain28 April 14, 2011
When you're listening to music & the lyrics are so good you just have to take a moment of silence to observe the greatness of what's play
I was listening to Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon and song was so good I had a musical orgasm
by @kikikitty01 (instagram) February 19, 2015
The point in a song where the tune or beat rapidly switches from mellow to super intense. Or a song which builds up slowy to one huge instrumental explosion. Usually musical orgasms consist of an intense drum beat or guitar riff. A few examples are 'Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees' at 2:36, or 'Coldplay - Fix You (album Version)' at 3:02.
This song as an flawless musical orgasm about three minutes into it.
by singinyoursleep March 03, 2007
To be moved by music so much it bring you to a state of "Musical Orgasm" much like music by DMB or Pearl Jam will do to its fans (Not Orgasmic as a sexual term)
"The power and emotion of the song bring me to a musical orgasm"
by Jayes March 06, 2005

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