A morgasm gives you moore, and moooooore, and mooooooooooore of an orgasm. Often times including histerical religous refrences such as "oh god" "dear lord" and "sock it to me buddha"
My nickname is Morgasm.
by Morgasm! March 10, 2005
when somebody with the name morgan or anything related to morg-- gives you an orgasm
Look at that guys steaming Morgasm!
by pshh its morgasm January 15, 2007
An orgasm that gives you more.
Liz had an unexpected second orgasm, and realized she just had a morgasm!
by Andrew Gaerlan January 09, 2004
An orgasm that occurs while or after hearing the majestic voice of Morgan Freeman. It happens more frequently to young women and children.
Mother: "What do you want for your birthday, sweetheart?"
Daughter: "I want a morgasm!"
by Eeyore's Depression February 09, 2015

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