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Sex between a guy, and four (or more girls) girls. Or a girl and four (or more) guys.

Not an considered an orgy, because an orgy is equal or almost an equal amount of people of the opposite sexes. Or more then four people of the same sex.
Doug: My friend just called me, and apparently he had a moresome last night.
Tova: And you believe him?
Doug: Well, I normally wouldn't, but one of the girls involved called me to tell me about it too.
by Brown eyed Girl June 09, 2005
An orgy with an unspecified number of individuals.
John: Dude, I totally had an orgy last night!

Steve: How was the chick to dude ratio?

John: No idea man!

Steve: Nice moresome
by RW92 March 31, 2011
Exceptionally more awesome than awesome.
That movie was better than awesome. It was moresome.
by Witchfinder73 June 21, 2016
threesome= sex including you and two other people. 3 in total.

foursome= sex with you and 3 other people. 4 in total

Moresome= ORGY!
Lets grab 6 bitches and start a moresome!
by LT4play April 25, 2005
An orgy, gangbang, or any group sex that is over four people.
The nympho bitch isn't happy with threesomes or foursomes. It has to be a moresome to get her sloppy ass off.
by ufuckoff lammonoski November 06, 2005
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