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While intoxicated, you proceed to eat out a girl. You then vomit in said vagina. After emptying the contents of your stomach in her vagina, you then have sex with her. The resulting effect is like that of a mop in a mop bucket. Think of sloshing a mop in a bucket of dirty water.
"Dude, so we were so drunk last night, while I was going down on her, I puked right in her without her knowing. I then totally mop bucket-ed her and she didn't even know it!"
by Josh the Janitor March 22, 2010
When you cum in a sock numerous times and ring it out on a dirty slut.
I gave chandler a mop bucket last night.
by Pussypounder126498113 March 23, 2014
A dirty girl, a girl who sleeps around.
Me and my boy both smashed that mopbucket.
by D-Lyrix February 16, 2010
Daft cunt, idiot, Some one who's always fuckin' up getting things wrong or mixed up. This person will often be funny and most probibly liked - one of the lads.
He's a proper 'Mop Bucket' when he's pissed. or , for example, when somebody spills the last of the ale will often be followed by "What a fuckin' mop bucket!"
by Klausey September 14, 2009