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when someone is being chincy,cheap,not being fare,or just being an all around loser.
ok dude,seriously,ur friggin peunce
by moosejavian April 12, 2007
when your walking down the street and your high on extacy, and you meet somoene who is also high on extacy, and you become friends instantly almost as if it was serendipidy.
I met this girl while I was twangin, I found out we had some twangularities, now I have a date for friday!. the twangularities are what kept us together all of this time .
by moosejavian May 05, 2011
the urge to cause drama just because you can.
I was all hopped up on moose juice didnt know what I was doing at the time.... they were drinkin hateraide so i downd a bit of moosejuice to getter goin
by moosejavian May 05, 2011
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