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It is a person who talks about stuff which does not interest his audience. Somebody who speaks of nonsense. Moopers are commonly found in offices with management positions. etymology: mo - mouth oper - from pooper, pooping (crapping)
Stop mooping! you mooper.
by Longgy August 30, 2006
A variation of the word super.
Rickard is a mooper dick. B(
by OIJLWDSAUOIJF August 16, 2011
Netspeakz for Computer

netspeak: I haz mooper.
english: I have a computer.

netspeak: yay mooper!
english: My computer makes me happy, YAY for my computer.

netspeak: I can haz mooper plox?
english: May I have a computer?
by Sansui350A October 26, 2010
a person who seems to exhale gas/crap from his/her anus very frequently
I don't want to hang around that mooper because I get nauseated when I do.
by Scrumptious Buns June 10, 2003