A tall boy, usually a hockey player with hair curly enough to tousle. Easy to deal with when well-fed. Has the heart of a tin man and the sense of humour of a rabid dog. Basically, an all-round good man!
"He has hair brighter than the sun! What a Rickard!"
by lizgrlxx September 05, 2011
A big untrustworthy person that has a ball with a bridge for hair.
Rickard- My dong is so big and thick
Guy 1- Yeah right...
Girl 1- Well its thick, but it more like a frisbee than anything else
by PredatorUruk June 01, 2016
A strange man who lives in eastern Sweden whose residency is a purple house which was built by smurfs at the edge of a lake. He likes to steal people's brains for his own doings, and likes to destroy anyone who opposes him.
RUN, the Rickard is coming!
by Henry Gharrison June 06, 2016
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