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1. A person who doesn't pay attention at all and will zone out constantly. Normaly will not pay attention to any "Earthling" Business and only when the subject of the moon comes up will the moonling arrise from his or her trance-like state
2.a person from the moon
Man that kid ____ in Chemistry is always zonning out i think he is a moonling
by Baconitswhatsfordinner March 28, 2007
an incredibly cute girl who you can’t help initially being infatuated with, you possibly are secretly in love with her but so are all your friends, that said disclosing any feelings for her only pushes her away and so you would rather just be friends with her and have her in your life than to try tell her how you feel only for her to push you away. if circumstances and timing had been different you believe you could have be perfect for each other.
I secretly fell in love with this girl the very first time I met her, though all my friends were pursuing her and so I decided to wait for a chance to make a move but that chance never camce and instead we ended up getting to know each other and just becoming friends- she will forever be my moonling.
by big moonling January 14, 2012
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