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A girl with fat face. The face swells to give a moon like appearence.
Man that girl sure has a fat moon face. It looks fat and puffy.
by Erol Morkoc December 04, 2005
Moonface usually occurs when an individual has been smoking weed. Moonface often leads to mad hysterics, causing everyone on the bus to look at you. Characteristics of moonface are prominent cheeks, small slanted eyes, a massive stupid grin, and faceache.
"My moonface was so bad I could see my cheeks."
by gremily March 24, 2008
Very wide face usually consisting of high cheek bones and big forehead.
Jesus, look at that Asian chick over there. She has the big, angry, Korean moon face.
by DnonameworksD February 07, 2008
when an individuals facial structure resembles that of the moon i.e. having rounded features
Your moonface makes you look like you're storing nuts in your cheeks.
by muo February 16, 2004
someone whose face looks like they little mental capacity.
whats wrong with that moonface looking kid
by moebate September 02, 2009
The first genetically hybridized human/sasquatch. The creature displays a Lenoesque chin causing their face to take on the characteristics of the moon. This is further evidenced in the fact the creature was bred at night. There is currently only one Moonface known to exist. This one lonely creature is believed to be female but since it is quite elusive to capture...the necessary studying to determine such qualities has been hindered.
P1. Omg. Her face looks like a moon.
P2. Wow. It does. I guess she's a moon-face.
P1. I have heard of that. But isn't there only one of them??
P2. As far as we know.
P1. Could you imagine a whole society of moonfaces??
P2. Oh. My brain just shut down on that thought.
by MUTL33T February 17, 2010
A girl with a large, round (almost moon shaped) head. Usually a pissy, woman, who will overreact and think you're calling her something worse. Its initials are usually KS, and they are ALWAYS blonde.
Me:Shes a moonface.
Quade: :O

Quade:He callled u a moon face!
by sviennie1997 November 06, 2011
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